Aloha from the Mannings.
We want to thank you for taking the time to view our website and condominium at the Waipouli Beach Resort in Kauai.

We are a Christian family of four, born and raised in the state of Oregon. We have a striking 8 year old son and spirited 4 year old daughter from Ethiopia. We are truly blessed.

We have always enjoyed Hawaii and, with our island travels, found that Kauai stole our hearts back in 2006. Our family purchased our condominium for a multitude of reasons but, most importantly, to allow us an opportunity to retreat to paradise and enjoy the beauty of the Garden Isle. With young children, we find it very easy to get wrapped up in the busy day to day schedules we call "life", and very difficult to find a relaxing place to sit back and enjoy one another and the family we were blessed with.

We purchased our East shore mountain view condo as we felt Kauai was called the Garden Isle for a reason. The beauty of the mountains is a sight we look forward each and every visit. We recognize the beauty of the ocean and beaches but also know we will spend the majority of our days in their presence and want to fully appreciate ALL Kauai has to offer throughout our paradise vacation. We hoped to offer the same to our guests without breaking pocket books. We know how expensive it can be to travel as a family and still have something left to spend once you arrive at your vacation destination.

Because our condominium is located centrally on the East shore of the island, we are able to travel to the most Northern tip and South Western margin in a very reasonable 30-40 minute outing. We could not say as much if we were located anywhere else on Kauai and find we can visit the entire island without resulting in sheer exhaustion and the children too tired to enjoy it.

Because we desired to customize our condo to meet our needs and the needs of the many families who would be staying with us, we chose to furnish and decorate our island home personally. We are so happy we made this choice as our "Home Away from Home" is just that, a FULLY stocked retreat for those traveling with or without children. Aside from the clothes in your suitcase, we truly wanted to provide all the required necessities to travel to Kauai and pack minimally. If it is a stroller, highchair, infant swing, baby needs, life jackets, snorkeling masks, boogie boards, toy chest, beach bags, towels, sand toys, floaties, family collection of DVDs and games, or as simple as spices and ice coolers, we have them and much more. Of course, if you are not traveling with young ones, they are all nicely concealed throughout and available on an "as need" basis.

We also realize our family, as well as many others, may require additional sleeping arrangements and wanted to provide this without compromising the comfort of the cozy couch. We chose two portable leather twin size ottomans that can be moved throughout the condo to accommodate extra sleeping needs. For our son, this is the preferred sleeping arrangement and an "oh so cool bed" when we arrive. Oh, the simple things in life that bring smiles to our children’s faces and melt our hearts!!

We truly love Kauai and hope that those visiting our website will be given the opportunity to afford a reasonably priced, luxurious paradise retreat where smiles flourish and memories are made. It may provide that one opportunity in life to leave the hustle and bustle behind and relax in the comfort of our “Home Away from Home”.

Don’t worry, 5 star accommodations are also available from bath amenities to laundry and dishwasher detergent as well as dish soap to get you started. A quick grocery stop should be all you need to settle in and enjoy the sun.

Thanks so much for your time and getting to know us and our philosophies a little better. We manage our unit independently and look forward to meeting and talking with each and every guest who books with us. We have made many new friends and look forward to those we will encounter in the future.

We wish you all many relaxing and memorable island vacations.

Much Mahalo from our family to yours,

Tim , Malissa, Tanner, and Mayla Manning

info-at-waipoulibeachresortcondo-dot-com | 503-769-7346 (Oregon, USA)

Hawaii Reg# W43709359-01
On Island Manager/Contact Information Provided With Welcome Packet & Payment Confirmation.